By Alex Guerra / HeyImAlex

Created December 11, 2011
Last Updated: December 12, 2011


I made this one night to procrastinate studdying for my diffEq final. It scrapes google's last-24-hours top results for "" for login/password combinations, tests them on and then displays them here if they're still active. It runs once per hour*, so the most recent of these should actually work (at least for a while, BB seems to be pretty good about killing rogue combinations, and many that you find can be buggy if multiple people are using them simultaneously). The source is free to use and update as you please, could probably be easily repurposed for many other sites. Masturbate with care!


Can be found here. Written in php.

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January 15, 2013 12:08 PMCentral


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Bangbros will sometimes make me authorize through HTTP which may cause visible errors on one day's rendering or just make the site not update that day. If that happens, or you see any other visible errors, contact me at and I can run the update process manually.

Bangbros autologin links sometimes don't work properly if you've already failed once. The best method is to open an incognito window (chrome) for every link you click until it works.

Old logins are never retested so you can only be sure the haul from that day is fresh.

If google changes how their links work or blacklist me for scraping, this site will break. Oh well.

The script currently only checks the first ten google results. If you want to change that, change the query string to do 100 results per page.

Also, the actual script runs locally and uploads via ftp. I had originally hoped for it to stay sever side and run through cron but I couldn't find anything on google having a public search api and they block inmotion servers from file_get_content-ing. So that sucks...

Still receiving false positives and negatives, though I worked out why I was getting a warning despite exception handling; file get contents doesn't throw an exception, it throws a warning. Thanks for being such a great language Php...